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FX Airguns

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FX Impact and FX Crown Tuning Regulator

Huma-Air tuning regulator Gen 1/ Gen 2/ Gen 3 for the FX impact & FX Crown airrifle as replacement for the factory regulator with a 16 mm piston and 8 mm belleville springs

FX Quick Connect Fill Probe

FX Quick Connect Fill Probe for Wildcat MKI/MKII and Streamline. Foster male connection. Made of Stainless Steel.

Fx Impact/Dreamline replacement pressure gauge

Mini pressure gauge 23 mm for FX Impact and Dreamline

Magazine Holder for FX Wildcat

Material: Metal

FX Complete o-ring replacement kit

A full set of all o-rings for FX Crown/ Streamline/ Impact/ MKI

FX Airguns Cronografo Wireless

Disponibilidade limitada.

Prazo de entrega pode ser extendido, se necessário.

FX Dream-Lite Compact

380mm Barrel, AMP Reg

FX Dream-Tac Compact

380mm Barrel, AMP Reg

FX Impact MKII Power

Calibre .357

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